Village halls

Village halls

Village halls

Our little ones are born all year round, from the long summer months to the dark winter nights. With the typical British weather, it is not always advisable to have an outdoor party during the winter months. However, there are plenty of village halls that can be used to make your child’s big day as special as it can be!

There are a lot of village halls in Worcestershire, but as we found out when compiling this list, they are not always easy to find contact details for. With this in mind, we have compiled an A – Z list of all of the halls in Worcestershire that are perfect for your little one’s party.


Choosing the right village hall

There are a few considerations when choosing the village hall that is right for your child’s party.

Check out our list of village halls here.

Here are a few tips to make sure your party is a success:

  • Choose somewhere local
  • Find out if there will be a party before or after. It’s a good idea to allow some time to set up and clear up.
  • Make sure the ceiling is high enough if you are having an inflatable (Most ceilings are but some are a little tight!)
  • Find out if there is a kettle on site and bring some coffee

Most of all, have fun! You’re likely to be tired after making your little one’s day special! Enjoy!